Have you had your olives punched?!? Join our Martini club ...10 olives punched and your next martini is on us!!   The next time you order a martini, please ask us how to join.  
  Chef Geo's specialty infused Vodkas make each season something wonderful to look forward to.

Why not try the Baked Apple Pie Martini with his baked apple infused vodka and a dash of cider. OR . . . . . how about our Winning "Pumpkinfest" martini made with our own pumpkin infused vodka??  Sound good??  Our customers say they're simply scrumptious!

And. . . remember, Martini card members get a double punch on Thursdays!
  Not a Martini Lover? Try one of our other cocktails or wine.  
  Chef Geo's PumpkinFest Martini  
  Here are some of our Signature Martinis:  
Espresso Martini
Limoncello Martini
Sour Patch Martini
Green Tea Martini
Baked Apple Martini
  The Big Sexy
Bog & Bubbles Martini
Pomegranate Cosmo
Pumpkin Festival Martini
  Additionally, we offer Specialty Cocktails, an extensive Wine list, Stage Sangria, Hot Toddies, Beer and Expresso/Coffee/Tea  
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